First Class Mail? Media Mail?

.Small Items may qualify for First Class Mail ( Cheapest shipping rate but no time guarantees or tracking provided) if your order includes only small items I.E Incense, Air fresheners, Patches, Greeting Cards etc... and you want this service please e-mail us @ with your order and we will change the shipping and refund any and all differences if your order does qualify (If items don't qualify  we will e-mail you back and proceed with the order as it was put in) .

** But due to limitations on First Class Mail Fairy Puzzled will not be responsible for service time(s) or Insure the product. ***(If you are buying something that's small but more expensive like a neckless/Pendants or such we still recommend UPS Ground or USPS Priority due to both carriers offer up to $100 insurance for the shipment.)

Unfortunately for whatever reason Shopify's shipping calculator puts all orders in large box's that do not qualify for First Class Mail  but Fairy Puzzled does offer the service on products that do qualify.


We can also do media mail which is slow but inexpensive AND only available for Media so Books and CDs that's it on this service, Same as First class if you want this service please email us and we will change if possible.