Alchemy Gothic

Alchemy Gothic

Alchemy England, or Alchemy Gothic or even Alchemy Carta. A few names for the same company just depending on where you are in this world or what product lines you are looking at.

I have collected and have sold Alchemy Products myself at various points in my life for over 20 years.

Skulls, Death and Extreme Darkness but all in Beauty, They have been making beautiful dark products since 1977 and we are Extremally proud to offer a lot of different Alchemy products here at Fairy Puzzled.

(It's 1977 and the journey begins.  It is the year two self-taught artists, model makers and designers united forces.  Geoff Kayson and Trevor Phillipson from Manchester, England, began creating a range of extraordinary niche products.  Today the range is recognized as the world renowned brand “Alchemy England 1977”.  Our factory and HQ is located in Leicestershire, England where our products are creatively designed and skillfully handcrafted.)

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