Collectie: Luis Royo

Luis Royo is a Spanish artist, born in Olalla (Teruel) in 1954. He has produced paintings for his own books and exhibitions, and his work is found in many different media: Videogames, Role Playing Games, CD covers for music, covers of novels, sculptures, Tarot cards, etc. He is best known for his sensual and dark images, almost apocalyptic, in worlds of fantasy with mechanical life forms.

From 1972 he began painting pictures and expose them in various forums. In 1978 he began his career as a comic painter. A sample of these works are published in leading journals of the time Albums that compile this work are edited: Luis Royo (Rambla, 1985) Offset (Ikusager, 1986) Luis Royo Comics Anthology Volume 1 1979-1982 (Norma Editorial) and Luis Royo Comic Anthology Volume 2 1981-1983 (Norma Editorial).

In 1983 he goes to illustration, where he will harvest his greatest successes. Hand by hand with the agency and publishing house Norma Editorial, his works are published in the international market. Among other countries he performed work for the U.S., UK, Sweden and book covers of the most prestigious publishers as Tor Books, Berkley Books, Avon, Warner Books, Batman Books and others.