Fantasy and Gothic Puzzles

Fantasy and Gothic Puzzles

As a puzzle fan of particular taste, I have had to track my personal collection down from all over the world, partly due to most "puzzle stores" either on the Web or Brick stores if they carry any at all it's a few here and there and when they sell out ( which they always do) it takes months for any re-stocks.

So in comes Fairy Puzzled, yes we have Nature, Landscape, Disney and such from all over and puzzles you just don't find especially in North America, but unlike other puzzles shops we actively hunt down fantasy and gothic jigsaw puzzles from artists like, Cris Ortega, Anne Stokes, Luis Royo, Nene Thomas, Lisa Parker, Josephine Wall and so many others. If it has Dragons, Fairy's, Unicorns, Mermaids, Skulls, Demons, or any other design of the theme we are all about getting them in for your puzzling needs

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