Posters, Prints, Canvas Prints and Door Banners

Posters, Prints, Canvas Prints and Door Banners

We are a puzzle shop, That is the why Fairy Puzzled is here. but whether you put it together and tape/glue it for a display, Frame them like Rob the owner here does, or take it apart to put back in the box is always up to you.

Sometimes though you want something nice to hang on a wall. That is where our Posters, Prints and Canvas can come in.

The posters we carry for the most part are just your normal thin paper poster being a average size of 36" x 24" the generally are the "cheap" option to cover a larger space of wall. They are massed produced by the manufactures we get them from, which keeps the costs down but means there maybe 1000's of them and you may see them available at a lot of different places. But they look nice and if framed look more professional and bring a bit of style. 

The big difference of a Print is most of what we here at Fairy Puzzled carry we get them right from the Artists, They run smaller in size to a "poster" but are of a higher quality with thicker paper and even inks used. some are even embellished or Limited Edition to a certain amount total so the "worth" is a lot different then a Poster, Then as well there are smaller numbers being made, So you generally won't find these everywhere, These are made more for a collectors point of view, You want to cover a wall or hang something up like a "poster" but you want Higher quality, something rare, or even special. These are it. Some are as low as 50 world wide made with a signature from the artist. others are made in bigger "runs" but still no where to what a poster is done in. Prints can change quite a bit in size depending on a lot of factors like Limited Edition runs or paper used. 

Then you have Canvas Prints, We here at Fairy Puzzled carry more then a few Canvas prints. A Canvas Print is just what is sounds like, Its is a piece of canvas that has been printed with the art, Then stretched out and placed on a wood frame. These generally are smaller than a Poster or Print and are more massed produced then a Print but still not as much as a poster. Between the companies that make these, There are two sizes, The smaller ones which average about 7.5" x 9.75" they are nowhere near the size of a poster or a print but being the are mounted on wood, There is no need for a frame, they are extremally easy to hang up, plus being small you can get really creative with them if/when you get more of them to make a very unique display that's one of a kind. Then we have a few larger ones they are more of a size of a Poster coming in at 27.5" x 19.5" they are also still stretched out over a larger wood frame, but these fill more of a walls space for a great piece of art or a amazing center piece with smaller Canvas Prints around the larger one.

Door banners are also available in some design's, What is a Door Banner, Well think of it as a light Vinyl slightly transparent table cloth that is meant to be hung up, (Why slightly transparent? Well when hung on a glass door light will shine through them adding to the display) These are quite a lot larger then any other option coming in at 74.8" x 27.55" are are designed to cover a door. Whether a main door inside or out, a beautiful glass door, or just hang on a wall, They have brass eyelets in the top and bottom corners to help you with hanging them,  These are made for light outdoor use or permanent indoor.   

Enjoy them all, depending on your budget, style or wall space. We here at Fairy Puzzled are always trying to get more options, more designs and more sizes for you to chose from.

Find all of these and more under the Main menu Posters, Banners and Prints.


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