Puzzle Shop

Puzzle Shop

Why aren't you just a puzzle shop? A question I get asked a lot.


So let me set the scene of why we are the way we are!

You LOVE to Puzzle, color or work on a crystal art project, but love to be surrounded by fantasy or gothic items, You get dressed in fantasy or gothic clothing, get some nice oil or incense going to relax, grab your favorite beverage whether it’s an adult beverage, soda pop or even just water, get some great music playing in the background!


This is absolutely me, I love to puzzle, but I always have Fantasy art surrounding me, I love to wear shirts with metal bands, skulls, dragons, and yes even fairies. Grab a drink, normally have a diffuser going with a blend of oils, then put on some tunes whether it’s Rock or Metal or even Celtic sometimes random, and then lose myself in whatever project I am working on.


So you may have someone ask "What is Fairy Puzzled?"

The answer I give is your Fantasy/Gothic Puzzle for life store.


From Puzzles, Coloring books, Crystal Art, Figurines, Housewares, Clothing, CD's, Incense, Oils, Wall Art pieces, Jewelry, Zippo Lighters, Journals and so many other amazing items.

We are Fairy Puzzled!

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