The History

I got into Jigsaw puzzles because I found a Luis Royo Puzzle in a local hobby shop, It sat on a shelf for years before I tried to do it, needless to say I got hooked. Then I found a Victoria Frances followed right by Anne Stoke. Years later I have done 100+ Fantasy/Gothic puzzles and a few others here and there. I have searched high and low all over the world for some of my favorite artists and have made a lot of friends along the way.

Sometime in 2019 I started to think about having a puzzle store where I could help like-minded people find their special puzzles no matter what that special is, Then of course we all know what happened in 2020 but what a lot of us "Puzzlers" couldn't dream was that puzzles, not only got more popular but in a lot of cases really hard or expensive to get, fakes run rampant and we just never know anymore.

  So enter 2021 after lots of planning and sleepless nights I decided I’ll never know unless I try but I'm going to start with baby steps. In September 2021 I started working on this website, who knows where it will go. So here it is just a few hours before I have to go to my real Job I'm Launching Fairy Puzzled so I'm not only going to search for my puzzles, hopefully I'll carry yours as well. I hope you enjoy your visit, Thank you for stopping by.

 Robert Fox