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Anne Stokes

Dragon Charm Pendants by Anne Stokes

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Dragon Charm Pendants by Anne Stokes Available in Three Crystal Colors, Clear, Purple and Blue (Purple is extremally Limited so only one per customer until further notice)

This pendant has been made in beautiful details with a long thin Oriental Dragon twisting around the metal cylinder and clutches two crystal gems in its feet. Decorative parchment holders have been used since ancient times to convey secret messages. Upon unscrewing you could add a small paper scroll on which a message, prayer, wish or name can be written. It may also be used to store a personal keepsake; a lock of hair, grains of sand from a special holiday or even ashes from a dearly departed loved one.

This pendant has clear colored crystals and comes in a velvet pouch and with an information card that is signed on the front in silver by designer Anne Stokes. The pendant is 7 cm tall and the chain is approximately 60 cm total length. The metal both are made from is a zinc alloy.

This scroll holder has been brought to life as a fantasy Artefact in the STOKED range designed by Anne Stokes. This item can be worn as a pendant, hung from an altar or displayed in a cabinet. The chain can be removed if you wish or substituted for a ribbon. If worn, please ensure that you screw the top on tightly to avoid it unscrewing and coming off.

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