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Dragon Tarot card sets by Anne Stokes

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 Dragon Tarot card sets by Anne Stokes  (They include The Tarot Cards, A Guide Book, A bag to keep your cards in and a Postcard.)
From Anne herself,
The long awaited Dragon Tarot that I illustrated and wrote is finally here! It was a great project to work on and I am really proud of the end result. We have made a special set of it which features:
The deck of "Dragon Tarot" cards with instruction leaflet
A full color 128 page book of "A Guide to the Dragon Tarot"
Dragon Tarot bag
Limited Edition postcard


Today has been an exciting day for me as it finally saw the release of the Dragon Tarot. The deck features many "old favorite" dragon artworks and also new ones painted especially for the tarot. The Minor Arcana number cards feature specially designed objects and arrangements as their numbers increase. The accompanying 128 page book in our special edition set gives further info on the tarot, how to read it and the card meaning. Plus full page illustrations of the art. It was a huge task to put all this together but one I very much enjoyed.