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Inner Sanctum by Anne Stokes, Figurine

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Inner Sanctum by Anne Stokes, Figurine

Our decadent looking dragon figurine Inner Sanctum measures 6 inches tall and 9 inches wide.

Anne Stokes created this luxurious dragon figurine featuring a beautiful maiden lounging beneath the huge wings of her golden dragon. The pair look comfortable resting together on a sofa. The red hair maiden wears a flowing blue gown with gold trim. Gold bracelets grace each upper arm and a gold chain with a blue stone decorates her forehead. She holds a rolled up scroll in her right hand where she also wears a gold ring on her middle finger. The sofa where the pair lounge is red with purple designs. A bright pink coverlet is beneath the pair and purple sheets peek out of the edges of the coverlet. Bright blue pillows with gold tassels offer additional comfort. A gift box is included.