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Litha by Anne Stokes, Wax Melt and Oil Burner

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This wax burner gift set features the stunning artwork of Anne Stokes. The gift set includes the wax warmer and a tin of luxury floral scented soy wax melts handmade in the UK.

The halo of Sabbat symbols illustrate the Pagan Wheel of the Year. Each symbol marks a different solar event or the midpoints between them.
The symbol of Litha sits above the dragon's head at the top of the wheel.

Litha marks the Summer Solstice - the longest day and shortest night of the year. As light reaches its peak and from then on begins to fade, the oriental style dragon clutching a ball of fire illustrates this beautifully.

*Includes 1 tin of Floral soy wax

* Tealight Candle  not included